Copenhagen Explored in Two Days

Over the long weekend  in May I took a trip to Copenhagen.  I had honestly not planned anything and kind of left it to my friend who I was travelling with.  The only thing we had really booked was the usual Free Walking Tour; you can usually find one in most big cities around the world.  I was so poorly prepared for this trip that I had no idea that they didn’t use Euros in Denmark.  Luckily my friend helped me out and withdrew some Danish krones (DKK) from the ATM for me!

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Day 17: Groningen Museum & Shawarmas

Ended up going out much later today.  Left around 3PM today.  We all headed out to Groningen Museum.  Future Chair It’s a museum of modern art and as per usual with modern art museums, it had some really weird stuff.  Walked around like usual. Snapped some photos and then at the end of museum, there’s this AWESOME info centre.  It’s like a futuristic office room.  Here are some photos of the room.

The guy working in the info centre was really nice too.  And he spoke English perfectly.  I haven’t really found anyone in Groningen who could speak English properly.  I told him about my trip to Amsterdam and he gave me some tips to where to find some museums in Amsterdam.  I’ll probably visit the museum with the Van Gogh collection.

Kapsalon After the museum I took my family out for food.  We ended up eating at this place that sold another famous dish of Dutch culture.  I got this thing called a Kapsalon.  It’s not a hair salon, but a dish with salad, cheese, fries, and shawarma meat.  It was really good! It’s more or less their version of a poutine; or at least according to wiki it is.  This is definitely one of the better dishes I’ve had here.

Once we finished eating, we headed back home.  Before heading home though, I grabbed my train ticket from the train station to Amsterdam.  Honestly, if you’re travelling on the ICE or IC lines, getting tickets straight from the train station isn’t any different them buying online.

Now that I’m home, I’ll start working on the photos and finish uploading the rest of them.

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