Copenhagen Explored in Two Days

Over the long weekend  in May I took a trip to Copenhagen.  I had honestly not planned anything and kind of left it to my friend who I was travelling with.  The only thing we had really booked was the usual Free Walking Tour; you can usually find one in most big cities around the world.  I was so poorly prepared for this trip that I had no idea that they didn’t use Euros in Denmark.  Luckily my friend helped me out and withdrew some Danish krones (DKK) from the ATM for me!


Copenhagen is a relatively small city if you live in a big one like London or Toronto, but by European standards you could say it’s average.  The most remarkable part about the city, that I didn’t expect, is that the city is really English friendly.  Even more so than Amsterdam I found.  If you do visit you should really sign up for the Free Walking Tour.  It takes you around most of the major sites you’d expect to visit in Copenhagen.  Although, it is called Free Walking Tour, it’s customary to give a tip at the end of the tour.  I’d say the average is about £5 or 50 DKK per person. It’s well worth it.  The tour guide was super helpful too.  He gave me and my friend plenty of other suggestions of things to do in the city.  Like, finding an awesome cheese cake shop, a food market for reasonably priced food, and good restaurant suggestions.

The first night we ended up eating at a restaurant called Tight. It was supposedly a mix of Canadian, Australian, and American cuisine.  It also described itself as a surf and turf style restaurant.  I naturally went for the most oddball thing I could find on the menu; burger that used foccacia bread as the bun.  I was massively full after eating it.  The bread was really heavy.  However, being me I managed to fit in a shawarma wrap on the way back to the place we were staying at.  It was by far the best shawarma wrap I’ve had in a very long time.  It wasn’t too greasy and the flavouring was quite rich.  I did end up eating a lot of street food.  They have these food stalls that are like hot dog stands all over the city.  They have a variety of things to pick from.  I suggest getting them all! I do think I ate way too much of it though.  I also grabbed one of my all time favourite foods; McNuggets! The best part about getting McNuggets here – they have CURRY SAUCE. Yummy!

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The city itself is quite diverse when it comes to architecture and scenery.  You have really big parks that surround the city centre but also really modern buildings, mixed with really old buildings.  The tour guide told us the reasoning behind that is that the city went through a number of fires that destroyed large parts of the city; rebuilding what was destroyed with newer architecture.  The city is really bike friendly.  It has one of the largest bike routes in the whole of Europe.  I didn’t rent a bike myself but I’m sure there are shops that do.  If you don’t like biking there are also Segways you can rent. The scenery by the harbour can really take you back.  I was told we were lucky to have really good weather.  Normally the weather is quite rainy.  It did rain the last day I was there but we had already finished seeing everything we expected to see.

A thing I started doing is writing postcards from each place I visit. I realize one of the challenges of doing weekend trips in Europe is that everything is closed on Sunday; including the post office. I didn’t really think about it but luckily I found a souvenir shop that sold them.  But, it was quite a mission to find someone to direct me in the right direction! So, thank you to the kind lady at the tourist information booth.  So, a tip for my next trip, be sure to buy my stamps for my postcards as soon as I land!

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I know I haven’t been consistent with my postings lately, but please expect more posts to come up soon! In the meantime take a look at all the photos I took.  If you have any questions please post them in the comment section down below.

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