Photo of Southwark Bridge in London with Sea Container Building

Tips for Moving to London from Canada

In 2014, via the youth mobility (tier 5) visa, I had moved to London without a job or a place to live. I packed my bags in a couple months and hoped for the best. Looking back there’s quite a few things I would have done to prepare myself for a smoother transition. I hope whoever reads this will find it helpful should they choose to make the same kind of journey across the Atlantic.

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London: Finding Deals in London

London Deals

It’s been about two months since I moved to London.  Priority number one is to budget my funds! As an avid RFDer (RedFlagDeals) user, it’s only natural my first instinct is to find the cheapest stuff possible with the best possible value as well.  It’s quite rough out here.  In comparison to Toronto, almost everything here is much more expensive.

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Update on Life in London


I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog! Don’t worry it’ll be getting busy all too soon.  I’ve recently moved to the United Kingdom; London to be more specific.  Why did I choose London? I loved the city when I was here last time (aside from a few minor details) and it’s the central hub for travelling anywhere in Europe.

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London: Tower of London

The infamous Tower of London.  If you’re really into the history of London it’s definitely a must see museum.  I’d highly suggest getting the audio guide you can rent for 4 pounds, which you can find after you walk through the first gate.  There also the Yeoman guides you can follow.  You should probably do this first.  Without this manned guide you cannot enter the churches unless you’re going to the churches to attend service.

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