Day 35: Departure from Seoul Olympic Style

I know this post is way overdue.  Terribly sorry for the lack of posting lately, just having way too much fun in Hong Kong.  But, I didn’t forget about my blog.  I still have a bunch of photos from my last day in Seoul.  Wanted to show you guys the awesome Olympic Park in Seoul.  It could definitely become a favourite photography site for those who are really into macro shooting as well.  There’s a really nice garden in the centre of the park and a lot of different types of flowers to look at, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Park Vending Machine The park has a set out trail you can follow which will take you on for a walk for about 2.5 km or longer if you decide to get lost in the forest like I did.  So definitely, be sure to keep hydrated throughout the walk.  It’s not a crazy hike but doing the walk in 35+ weather leaves room for craziness to happen.  I actually walked around the park for about 4 hours, taking photos and stopping along the way.  But it was too hot for me, so I ended up passing out for an hour under a tree.  Not exactly the smartest thing to do with a Canon 60D sitting around my neck.  The park itself has some really funky statues and art and I mean really funky.  Like look at this piece, it’s a giant thumb.  Dogs are actually allowed in this park so it’s definitely a good place to take your pet for a walk.  Actually, if you skip over the ropes that serve as borders on the trail, you can actually find some nice spots inside the forest and lay back on the ground and stare up.  It’s like a roof top of leaves and branches with sunlight barely breaking through.  I think you get what I mean.Big Thumb  Probably my favourite bit of the park is the vending machines like usual.  I love Milkis! It’s definitely my second favourite drink in Seoul after Soju of course.  Mixing the two together isn’t a bad idea either.

Aside from the awesome scenery, you also see some Ajummas (Aunties) cleaning or gardening around the area.  Much different from the usual guys I see tending to the plants in other parks, like I saw at Guanghwamun.  And there were these funky pumpkins that looked really tasty! You can take a look at the photo at the bottom of this post.

Check out this building too! At the end of my walk, I saw this church across the street from the park.  Looks like some church of the future! It’s like completely glass and it looks like there’s office buildings inside too!  Not sure what the deal is with this building but definitely won’t find a church like this anywhere in the western world.Glass Church

After my trek for 4 hours, I went back to my friend’s and started packing.  I was leaving the next day to head back to Hong Kong; my landing pad in Asia.  If you’re ever planning on flying from Hong Kong to Korea, I definitely suggest taking Jeju Air.  Probably one of the best airlines I’ve been on and it’s cheaper than the other bigger ones.  Spent my last night having dinner with my friend’s co-workers.  They were having a going away party for one of them.  Sweet Korean Grill Again! Overall, I have to say I loved Seoul.  Favourite things here were definitely the Saunas, the Grills, the Parks, and most of all the Magic Number.  I’ll have to explain in another post what the Magic Number is.  But, in short it’s a free number you can call that has an English interpreter on the other line.  The possibilities with this number are ENDLESS.  Definitely another Travel Tip worth talking about.  So, look out for it soon.

For now I take my leave, and hopefully you’ll enjoy this new set of photos.  I’ll be gone for Singapore pretty soon, so I’ll probably be posting while I’m there.  In terms of Hong Kong posting, I’ll be doing something a little different compared to my other posts.  I’ve been to Hong Kong before, so I might do a sort of comparison to what’s changed and how it compares to Toronto.  Granted not everyone agrees with my opinions but then again it’s MY OPINION and you’re not obligated to agree.

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