Leaving For London in One Week

It’s that time of year again where Christopher Law goes on another adventure somewhere in the world.  This time it is back to London.  Unfortunately last time I went to the UK I didn’t really get a chance to post all my photos here.  You can still check them out on my Google+ page.  I will be dishing out a fresh new set of photos that I do plan on posting here.  I will try and post something everyday, so look out for that.  If you’re looking for food photos though I’ll be doing that on my other site munchonthese.com.  It’s currently loaded with snapshots of some foods, but I’ll do a little more in-depth reviews when I’m in London.

I do plan on visiting some other towns around UK.  However, I want to really chill out in the city and get used it to it.  I did hook myself up with some Meet Up groups, so I’ll be joining some hiking groups and such that do walks around the more trek type areas.  Might make a short trip to Paris for the French open.  Although, it might be too late for even grounds tickets.  I’m also thinking of going to the town of Bath.  It’s a resort city in the UK.  They have the Sunrise Festival around this time of year.  I actually have no idea what it is, but it seems like a huge event where people gather every year.  The only thing I actually have planned is this orchestra concert I’m attending; Final Symphony.  It’s a Final Fantasy concert; gamers will know what it is.  But, Nobuo is going to be there! Autographs.  If anyone has any ideas of what I must absolutely do in London shoot away in the comment section below.

I will be making another post before I leave.  Going to show off how I’ve packed this time.  I managed to fit enough for three weeks in two pieces of carry-on.  I do have a method for bring back stuff though.  Anyway, make sure to follow this blog and my other one for the full report on my travels! And thanks to everyone who’s helped support my blog!