Day 13: After Gaffel Packing Time

I didn’t really do much today.  It rained all day so I pretty stayed at the hotel.  I ended up eating at the StaV again and got the same curry sausage with fries.  It’s so good.  Gonna miss this dish.  I also ended up getting Cologne’s famous beer, Gaffel.  Comes in these small skinny glasses, the one I tweeted about was the 0.2 litre glass.  Much cheaper than water!

I spent most of the day editing the photos from yesterday and cleaning up my hotel room before I leave for Groningen, Holland to visit family.  Figured out how to walk from here to the train station so I should be okay tomorrow morning when I check out.  Hopefully it doesn’t rain.

Anyway, I’ll check in tomorrow after I settling in Groningen.  Hopefully I’ll have better internet there, then I can upload some video from Paris that I haven’t had a chance to.  I didn’t take too many pictures today, only went out for an hour-ish before it started raining but here they are.

[pe2-gallery class=”alignleft” ] IMG_4586.jpgIMG_4588.jpgIMG_4591.jpgIMG_4593.jpgIMG_4596.jpg[/pe2-gallery]

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